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Many Hopes (our charitable partner)

Many Hopes’ mission is to rescue children from injustice and equip them to be adults who can help others. They partner with high-impact local leaders and organizations to rescue and equip children to become changemakers in their communities and beyond, walking with children through six stages of the arc from injustice to influence.


Vital Farms® (our exclusive egg purveyor)

Vital Farms® began as a single family farm in Austin, TX. As they grew, they didn’t make their farm bigger – they found more like-minded farmers who put the welfare of their feathered friends first. Today, Vital Farms® works with over 300 family farmers that give the girls access to the outdoor lifestyle they deserve. No matter which farm the eggs were laid, you can take heart knowing that each producing hen has access to roam on at least 108 square feet of pasture, where they can graze on local grasses and vegetation while enjoying fresh air and sunshine.


Corto (our exclusive olive oil purveyor)

Rooted in its Italian heritage, inspired by innovation, and committed to its values of transparency and quality, Corto has been producing the highest quality, freshest, 100% California olive oil since 2005. Corto delivers the freshest, most antioxidant-rich olive oil while actively working toward a more sustainable future for California agriculture. They are committed to protecting and preserving our most precious resources and local ecosystems while systematically reducing waste.


Kimbala (our exclusive chai purveyor)

Kimbala is a family-owned, Austin-based business whose chai soothes the soul and celebrates the tea’s flavor. Being a native of India, founder Madhu grew up with chai as an integral part of daily life. When he moved to the United States in 2000, Madhu realized finding a proper chai was impossible. Madhu would always make a point to round up his chai supplies and bring them to friends’ homes during get-togethers, creating everlasting memories and conversations over homemade chai. Fed up with the lack of GREAT chai options and with encouragement from his friends, he created Kimbala.


The Supplant Company (creator of Supplant™ Sugars from Fiber)

The Supplant Company upcycles agriculture’s most abundant renewable resource to make better-for-you and better-for-the-planet replacements for refined sugar and starch. Their flagship ingredient, Supplant™ Sugars from Fiber, is made by transforming the leftover parts of crops such as corn cobs, oat hulls, and wheat straw. Sugars from Fiber has less than half the calories and a low glycemic response compared to regular sugar, and it's prebiotic, making it good for gut health. With their innovative approach, The Supplant Company is making our food system more nutritious, more sustainable, and more efficient.